Businesses put on events to create a shared experience and create marketing materials to bring brands to life. The digital story needs to do more than just document an experience or product, it needs to capture the essence of that narrative and evoke an emotional response- the next best thing to being there. 

Client-Beauty heroes- master class

Beauty Heros held their Master Class workshop at Harmonia, the once famed Plant recording studio in Sausalito where classic tracks were laid down by The Grateful Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Green Day and Jimi Hendrix. The new space pays homage to its roots in music in its namesake as well as the decor, preserving features from its musical history. The Master Class brought in speakers from around the world to talk about clean beauty in all of its forms. Audiences were invited to engage in rituals and sample Hero Products.  

Client-Block2thefuture- abbord the uss hornet

Where better to hold a Block Chain conference than about the aircraft carrier USS Hornet who played a large role in the Apollo space program. Visitors were given full access to the ship which is also a working museum. Sunsets on the flight deck offered stunning views of San Francisco across the bay while below deck there were speakers ranging from VCs, to early pioneers and the FCC. An exhibit hall shared space with space capsules, fighter jets and helicopters that all saw active duty. The content of the conference proved to be even more engaging that amazing and sometimes eerie feeling of wandering the bowels of the ship (and that takes into account that they let me fly a drone over a military base!). 

Client-The Female quotient

The Female Quotient Equality Lounge with Deloitte during DreamForce 2017- a quiet oasis to talk about workplace equality, get 1:1 mentoring, do some work while you charge your phone or just get some coffee in a beautiful, comfortable environment inside one of the largest trade shows in San Francisco

Client-Silicon Alley and Romy randev

Silicon Alley- a film written, directed and produced by Romy Randev, capturing the behind-the-scenes making of the movie and marketing stills

client- Mariposa Gardens

Mariposa Gardens award winning meadow designs using drought resistant local plants and stunning stone work that helps sustain pollinator insects- marketing shots for online and print


InfoStreatch 3 day executive summit at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay that included workshops, speakers, parties and outings- marketing materials for social media, online and print


Curiosity Atlas workshops- Making Sausage, Curious Kokedama, Tip to Tail- Hands on Fish Fillet, Cooking with Insects, McGyver Night- images for online and print brouchures